Two good old boys study the koran

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Thu Jul 13 16:30:39 MDT 2006

Funny as hell, and that good ole boy really CAN SHOOT.  "Full of holes ... not a good story," he said.  Precious!  Ah, but the Religion of Peace guys, and morally indignant libs, probably won't have the sense of humor needed to appreciate this "Performance Art."  Do you suppose shoving a Koran into a bottle of urine would at least bring the libs around?
  Me neither.
  BTW - If the book was in English or any other language than Arabic, then it's NOT considered to be a REAL Koran, but only a translation.

Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:
  Apparently two good old boys from Tennessee have decided to study the 
koran. Cair is all upset about it though. Their beef with it might be 
that the two good old boys decided to study it with an M16.

Watch it here

and use up their bandwidth. If they take down the video, I have a copy 
at my place.


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