know your enemy part 2

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Fri Jul 14 04:47:12 MDT 2006

Seeing as how I don't own either a koran or an M-16, I have to do my 
research on the web.  I found the following at the CAIR site.  The 
article deals with a protest against the plans of moslems in Broward 
county Florida to build a new mosque.

"We must remember that no matter how peaceful many Muslims seem to be, 
their core religion's doctrine allows for no other faith to exist 
peacefully alongside them," Dozier told the commissioners during a 
public comment period.

Altaf Ali, executive director of the Florida chapter of the Council on 
American-Islamic Relations, also showed up at the protest and said 
Dozier knew little about Islam. He called Dozier "a bigot," but added, 
"Despite the hurt in our community, we still want to sit down with him."

Notice how Altaf Ali resorted to the usual liberal approach to the truth 
- don't try to refute the facts.  Just attack the person presenting the 
facts by calling him a bigot or anything else you can think of that may 
damage his credibility.

Nowhere in the article did Ali ever cite a passage in the koran that 
would prove Dozier wrong.  Of course he couldn't do that.  No such 
passage in the koran exists.


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they're crap at any other job."
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