Two good old boys study the koran

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Sat Jul 15 23:43:28 MDT 2006

Dennis Putnam wrote:
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>>Besides the jar might get a bit stinky before I filled 
>>it.  Would  bacon grease be an acceptable substitute?
> I doubt it. At room temp it is opaque so you wouldn't see the koran 
> in it. It would probably be easier if you just got some volunteers to 
> help you fill it. However, I suggest you get a 50 gallon drum at a 
> minimum as the line will likely be quite long. A swimming pool would 
> probably be better.

Dennis you forget where I live.  It will be mid to late November before 
anything outside is room temperature.  The question is would the koran 
be visible if the bacon grease was warmed to around 115?  Their front 
door faces west so anything placed by the front door would get that 
afternoon sun.

I just thought of something.  What if one of those lurkers is a CAIR spy?


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