Bernie Goldberg Slams Ann Coulter

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On the money, Jose.  Although when it comes to music, I'd rather be bored than assulted and will strive to avoid both boredom and assult. 

Jose <jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:  Bernie Goldberg should read what Ann Coulter actually wrote. She never said
that the Jersy girls were "the happiest widows in the world, or words to
that effect." 

At least he agrees with the message.

I wonder if all these people who agree with the message but not with how it
is delivered only listen to one genre of music. There are so many ways to
say things. This world would be boring if all we had to listen to was
Country music or just rap. 


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Bernie Goldberg Slams Ann Coulter 

Longtime CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg had a lot to say about Ann
Coulter - some of it negative - during a radio interview promoting his book.

Goldberg's "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken is #37)"
was published last year, and an updated version - upping the list to "110
People" - recently came out in paperback. The book takes to task Michael
Moore, Ted Kennedy, David Duke, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Carter and an array
of others on the American scene. 

Goldberg now says he made a "mistake" in not including Coulter as one of the
people "screwing up America." 

In a radio interview with David Goodman on 88.9 WERS-FM in Boston, Goldberg
- now a correspondent with HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" - accused
the conservative pundit of "crossing the line" by calling the so-called
Jersey widows, who lost their husbands on 9/11, "the happiest widows in the
world, or words to that effect." 

Goldberg, whose 2001 best seller "Bias" exposed liberal bias in the media,
said such punditry by Coulter gives liberals a "big, fat stick to use over
the heads of conservatives." 

But Goldberg admits he has no problem with Coulter's basic point. He told
Goodman that the Jersey widows "became total political creatures and cut
campaign commercials for John Kerry." 

Goldberg says his liberal friends continually ask him why he he did not
include Ann Coulter, author of the best-selling book "Godless, The Church of
Liberalism," in his list of 100. 

His response: "I would say, because she makes me laugh. 

"And frankly, I agree with a lot of what she says, not the way she says it,
but what she says." 

"Then [my] book comes out, and I spend a year with the hardcover, and now
with you with the soft cover being asked the question you just asked. 'Why
isn't she on the list?' 

After laughing off such complaints, Goldberg says he now believes Ann should
be on the list. 

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