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Carl Spitzer cwsiv at NERDSHACK.COM
Fri Jul 21 07:52:35 MDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 04:00 -0700, Jim wrote:
> Drudge has a link to:
> http://www.ktul.com/news/stories/0706/343997.html
> It tells about the part of Operation Return to sender that's being 
> carried out in Tulsa.  It gives statistics of how many illegals were 
> arrested so far in Operation return to sender for various offenses.
> The last paragraph that got me mad:
> "Sources say the operation is set to conclude Friday in Oklahoma, by 
> which time more details regarding the fugitives will be released. "

Why send them home give Arpio and Buchanan lisense to run a work farm
building the wall on the border something the American President is too
chicken to do.  At 30 cents a day Arpio can feed them and when its done
Buchanan can send them home.  In the mean time Pat can go throughout the
hospitality industry and the garment industry and round up more to work.
If Fox complains that the welfare checks stop comming home we can tell
him to ........ himself.


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