local ragheads

Sat Jul 22 22:23:16 MDT 2006

I just saw a report on the local news that made me want to puke.  They 
covered a local moslem group holding a candelight vigil for the poor 
innocent victims of Israel.  Some useful idiot woman was complaining 
about the Israelis.  She said they cut off water and prevented medicine 
from getting to innocent civilians.  Not one word from her lips had 
anything to say about the moslem terrorists who started it all.  What's 
worse is that other than the moslem outfit she had on, she looked and 
sounded as if she were American.  I'd love to see the drive by media who 
support these people made to live in a society run by the jihadis.  Let 
the infobabe live her life forced to wear a burka.  Let her not be 
allowed to work at her chosen profession.  Let her not be allowed to do 
anything other than live in a dirt hut doing nothing but breeding 
children by a man she doesn't want anything to do with.

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