Another screwball judge encroaches on personal freedom

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jul 23 08:36:49 MDT 2006

One way goverments control people is through taking over decisions related to health, not just community health but individual health.  I don't care if someone wants to cure himself with candles, chants, or burying frogs in the backyard.  It is his business and the State should stay the hell out of it.  Moreover, the parents should be raising the lad, not the State.

Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:
  Let's start with the fact his parents named him "Starchild".   Now they to treat his cancer with  a sugar free organic herbal diet sold only in Mexico?   Approved treatments have side effects and don't always work, but the cure rate for that diet is??????   I hope it isn't too late for the courts to save him.
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    Drudge linked to this report:
  A judge in Virginia ordered that "a 16-year-old boy fighting to use alternative treatment for his cancer must report to a hospital by Tuesday and accept treatment that doctors deem necessary . . . ."
  'The judge also found Starchild Abraham Cherrix's parents were neglectful for allowing him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico. . . ."
  I saw the lad and his parent interviewed on Hanity and Combs.  He was quite articulate had come to his decision about the course of treatment he wanted after a good bit of study on his cancer.   Forcing the lad to take a treatment that has already proven unsuccessful and made him quite weak is a woeful misuse of judicial power.  And to use State power to undermine parental authority in the matter of health is to me a gross violation of parental rights.  I look forward to a time when parents reassert their perrogatives and reclaim their authority from the State. Am I dreaming?
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