Autographed shells for terrorists

Mon Jul 24 15:29:07 MDT 2006

The above is a link to a story at the Jerusalem post that tells of an 
incident near the border with Lebanon where some girls wrote messages on 
shells intended for terrorists in Lebanon.  The story says one such 
message reads "From Israel with love."

At the end of the article are comments left by readers.  One of them 
says he has a translation of what one of the messages says.  The 
comments are numbered.

160. A translation of the girls writing...very revealing.
Jim - USA(not me)
07/24/2006 20:16

I can read hebrew, and the little girl is writing: "This one is for all 
the terrorist scum that support terrorists by giving them housing, jobs 
and a base camp from which to train young suicide bombers (because the 
older leaders are cowards) to wear the homicide bomb vests that blew my 
father and mother up on a bus. amen.

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