Autographed shells for terrorists

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When I was at Osan in '82 we'd get to take live ones to the range every now and then.  I would chalk a message on the nose for the EOR (end of runway) crew to read when they would arm the bombs prior to take off.    "F*** Hanoi Jane" always seemed to put a warm smile on their face, even on a cold Korean morning.

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> The above is a link to a story at the Jerusalem post that tells of an 
> incident near the border with Lebanon where some girls wrote messages on 
> shells intended for terrorists in Lebanon. The story says one such 
> message reads "From Israel with love." 
> At the end of the article are comments left by readers. One of them 
> says he has a translation of what one of the messages says. The 
> comments are numbered. 
> 160. A translation of the girls writing...very revealing. 
> Jim - USA(not me) 
> 07/24/2006 20:16 
> I can read hebrew, and the little girl is writing: "This one is for all 
> the terrorist scum that support terrorists by giving them housing, jobs 
> and a base camp from which to train young suicide bombers (because the 
> older leaders are cowards) to wear the homicide bomb vests that blew my 
> father and mother up on a bus. amen. 
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