Friendly Moslem Opens Fire ...

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He hid in wait outside a charity center and ambushed unsuspecting unarmed defenseless women.   How "Muslim" is that?   


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> Richard A Whitenight wrote: 
> > ... in a Jewish center in Seattle, WA, killing one and wounding 4-5 more 
> > (all women). He said he was a Moslem American, who hated Israel. Word 
> > is that he was of Pakistani background. I foresee the day when there 
> > will be a backlash against friendly Moslems, leading to their blood being 
> > spilled. 
> > 
> > Richard 
> I know what I'd like to do to this guy, but I'm curious. Mr. Spearing, 
> what would you do to him if you had the chance? 
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