If that's the way you want it

Mon Jul 31 12:24:55 MDT 2006

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> I think the Palestinians have a legit beef against Israel.   


> Use of 
> deadly  force to terrorize civilians with is terrorism in its purest 
> form.  

The Israelis aren't targeting innocent civilians.  They're going after 
the relatives of the suicide bombers who knew what they were planning to 

> The only debate is whether  a use of such force by Israel against 
> Arabs is a matter for  criminal courts, or a violation of copyright and 
> trademark laws.   

I would hope nobody ever forces the Israelis to face a trial in a 
criminal court.  Such a trial would be in the international criminal 
court in the Hague.  Considering how anti Israel the euroweenies are, 
there's no way any Israeli leader would get a fair trial.  Since the 
Israelis are defending themselves, the idea of putting the Israelis on 
trial is outrageous.

> I do think the Arabs can prove in court they have a 
> long established history of  owning the practice.
>    .... no irony here......
> Tom   


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