Now we have a tape being released that President Bush knew....

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Thu Mar 2 10:21:06 MST 2006

Seems like a lame attempt to put more anti-Bush spin on the news.  I think everybody knew a level 3 to 5 storm surge might top the levees.  I think the "surpirse" comment was made in the context of discussing the post-storm failure of the levees.  Aside from a few late night hints of some flooding on Ted Koppel's Nightline,  everyone went to bed Monday nght thinking NO had dodged a bullet (try and find a Monday news report that says otherwise).  Lots of folks were surpirsed to wake up Tuesday to the flooding, especially the 99% of the media who went to bed Monday night having missed the story. 

One of the bigger surprises to me was that with a CAT 5 storm within 24 hours of landfall, the mayor  and Gov went to bed Sat night only having issued a request for voluntary evacuatiuons, not the mandatory evac their disaster plan requires 48 to72 hours prior.   How about releasing the tape of W calling the mayor at his home begging him to upgrade the evec order to mandatory(after a call from the Hurricane center director failed to persuade the Mayor) ?   Putting the Mayor's Sunday evac order in context would be more newsworthy.

Simple fact is there was a failure to follow the timetable in the published evac plan for the city, and there was a reluctance by the Gov to allow Federal control that warrants negligent manslaughter charges.   Funny how the failed Federal response to Kartina happened mostly in one state, and in one city, and failed to a much lesser degree in neighboring Mississippi and the Florida panhandle.

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