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Swannie still hasn't had enough direct exposure to the the voters to be sure if he has the "right" stuff (political right), but so far so great.  With race baiters on the left already playing the "oreo" card off the bottom of the race deck, Swannie must have some good in him.

Add a close  Santorum-Casey  Senate race and things are going to be interesting this fall.   Maybe the highest PA voter turnout in years.  


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Let’s get loaded!!!! 

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Now let's get serious: 
Lynn Swann for Governor - Talking Points from last year
On announcing, Swann continues to travel the state listening to the people of Pennsylvania as well as sharing his message of opportunity and growth for the state.
The average Pennsylvanian has yet to focus on the 2006 Governor's Race, and he is planning to announce early next year when the campaign becomes a higher priority for the average person.
Why is he best for PA?..............
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