May I Ask You A Few Questions, Please?

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Subject: May I Ask You A Few Questions, Please?

7) "Don't the Peruvians and the Iranians and the Chinese have the right to
invade America and drop chemical weapons over North Carolina to destroy the
tobacco plants.?"
        Where does that "right" come from? Is there written law that I'm not
aware of? Does it come from the Bible, from the Talmud, from the Qu'ran or
some similar book of sacred Scripture? Please fill me in and again, cite
your source(s).

Speaking for my fellow Peruvians, I would ask this "teacher" if he knew that
the U.S. is destroying plants that are ILLEGAL in Peru and the United
States. Additionally, the plants are being destroyed with the approval of
the Peruvian government. Finally, tobacco plants are legal in every country
that I know of. Sheesh.


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