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Below are the first two paragraphs of Orianna Fallaci's new book, The Force of Reason, sequel to The Rage and the Pride  that hit bookstores even as the last streamers of smoke drifted away  from the murderers' obscenity at the World Trade Center in 2001.
  Those of you familiar with my posting habits and history know that I  very rarely cut and paste or even provide links.  I prefer writing  and posting my own thoughts and ideas in my own words.  In this  case, however, the matter is so exquisitely important to left, right,  center, East and West, indeed all of the Civilized World, that I must  relinquish.  
  I urge you all to read these paragraphs, follow the link to the  Tigerhawk blog and read the first five pages, and then beg, borrow or  buy the book and get a frightening but necessary education.  Your  very lives could depend upon it.
  I don't like to say that Troy is burning. That Europe is by now a  province of Islam or rather a colony of Islam and Italy an outpost of  that province, a stronghold of that colony. Saying this amounts to  admitting that the Cassandras really do talk to the wind, that in spite  of their screams of pain the blind remain blind, the deaf remain deaf,  consciences reawoken soon relapse into sleep, and the Mastros Cecco die  for nothing. But the truth is just this. From the Strait of Gibraltar  to the fjords of Soroy, from the cliffs of Dover to the beaches of  Lampedusa, from the steppes of Volgograd to the valleys of the Loire  and the hills of Tuscany, the fire is spreading. In each one of our  cities there is a second city. A city superimposed and equal to the one  that in the Seventies thousands and thousands of Palestinians set up in  Beirut installing a State within a State. A government within the  goverrnment. A Muslim city, a city ruled by the Koran. An Islamic  expansi!
 stage. The expansionism that no-one has ever managed to  overcome. No-one. Not even the armies of Napoleon. Because it is the  only art in which the sons of Allah have always excelled, the art of  invading and conquering and subjugating. Their most coveted prey has  always been Europe, the Christian world, and shall we run a rapid eye  over the History that Mr. Doudou would like to control or rather cancel?
  It was in 635 AD, that is three years after Mohammed's death, that the  armies of the Crescent Moon invaded Christian Syria and Christian  Palestine. It was in 638 that they took Jerusalem and the Holy  Sepulcher. It was in 640 that after conquering Persia and Armenia and  Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, they invaded Christian Egypt and overran  Christian Maghreb. That is, the present Tunisia and Algeria and  Morocco. It was in 668 that for the first time they attacked  Constantinople and laid a siege that would last five years. It was in  711 that after crossing the Strait of Gibralter they landed in the most  Catholic Iberian Peninsula, took possession of Portugal and Spain where  despite the Pelayos and the Cid Campeadors and the other warriors  engaged in the Reconquest they remained for noless than eight  centuries. And whoever believes in the myth of *peaceful coexistence  that marked the relationships between the conquered and the conquerors*  should reread the stories!
 of the
 burned convents and monestaries, of  the profaned churches, of the raped nuns, of the Christian or Jewish  women abducted to be locked away in their harems. He should ponder on  the crucifixioins of Cordoba, the hangings of Grenada, the beheadings  of Toledo and Barcelona, of Seville and Zamora. (The beheadings of  Seville, ordered by Mutamid: the king who used those severed heads,  heads of Jews and Christians, to adorn his palace. The beheadings of  Zamora, ordered by Almanzor: the vizier who was called  the-patron-of-the-philosophers, the greatest leader Islamic Spain has  ever produced). Christ! Invoking the name of Jesus meant instant  execution. Crucifixion, of course, or decapitation or hanging or  impalement. Ringing a bell, the same. Wearing green, the colour  exclusive to Islam, also. And when a Muslim passed by, every Jew and  Christian was obliged to step aside. To bow. And mind to the Jew or the  Christian who dared react to the insults of a Muslim. As for the 
 much-flaunted detail that the infidel-dogs were not obliged to convert  to Islam, not even encouraged to do so, do you know why they were not?  Because those who converted to Islam did not pay taxes. Those who  refused, on the contrary, did.
  To be forewarned is to be forearmed

France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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