Top Ten Good Things About Being an 18-Year-Old Mayor

Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Thu Mar 16 22:08:15 MST 2006

5) From the November 10 Late Show with David Letterman, as read on 
the Ed Sullivan Theater stage by Michael Sessions, the 18-year-old
Mayor-elect of Hillsdale, Michigan

10. "Parents try to tell me what to do, I raise their taxes"

9. "Every night, a different member of the town council does my

8. "It's every teen's dream: The power to regulate zoning laws"

7. "Goodbye, education budget -- Hello, brand new X-box"

6. "I got a call from Demi Moore"

5. "Trying to get the city hall on an episode of 'MTV Cribs'"

4. "I don't have to wait in line at Applebee's anymore"

3. "School bullies now have to deal with the Feds"

2. "Only victory speech featuring the word 'Dude'"

1. "It's flattering when President Bush calls me for advice"

    # Ted Koppel will be a guest on the Friday Late Show.

- Brent Baker


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