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Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Mar 21 09:59:02 MST 2006

The threat of historic hurricane activity this  far north sounds like more "wishful thinking" on the part of the global warming alarmists.  Why does every piece on climate change have to be a doomsday scenario?  Why no articles on lower heating bills? longer growing seasons?  more water for Mono Lake?  more water for hydro power? 

Today's global warming alarmists are to the science of weather what the flat earth folks were to the middle ages.   Never mind there are marine fossils 20,000 feet up on Everest, fresh frozen woolly mammoths in Siberia ,a  fossil history of  at least seven  ice ages here in PA,  etc....     Change the temps one degree, or the sea levels one inch and its doomsday to them.    

Global warming alarmists worship at the alter of good intentions, and their rigid belief system requires them to believe what is must always be, forever without change amen. The idea the life as we know it exists not only in spite of vast climate change, but maybe even because of it ,  is asking them to take a leap off the edge of their map. 


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> This is an article on the threat of a major hurricane striking the 
> Northeast. After last season's hurricane season, I wouldn't rule it out. 
> Richard 
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