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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Tue Mar 21 13:02:13 MST 2006

Earth used to be somewhat warmer than it is now.  When the vikings first 
made it to North America 1,000 years ago they landed in what is now 
Canada.  They called it Vinland.  Why?  Because they found grapes 
growing in an area that is currently too cold for grapes.

There are records of Europe being somewhat warmer than it is now and how 
a few hundred years ago it became much colder.  I would like the 
enviroweenies to tell me how people were responsible.

What the tree huggers fail to understand is that there have been 
numerous climate changes in Earth's history.

John wrote:
> The earth's climate goes through cycles - if that's what you're 
> calling "global warming", Bill. There will be another ice age at 
> some point in the future, but not during our lifetimes. As for 
> man-made damage, forget about Rush said once on his 
> old TV show, "man cannot destroy the earth - he didn't create 
> it."
> John Q.


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