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Steven Laib stevenlaib at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Tue Mar 21 21:50:24 MST 2006

As an amateur astronomer I have to agree with Jim.  I've seen a lot of 
material on this back before the warming scare, particularly related to 
glaciers in the Alps.

Steve Laib

On Mar 21, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Jim wrote:

> Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>> At 06:29 AM 3/21/2006, you wrote:
>>> Global warming is occuring but it is chiefly caused by cyclical 
>>> activities in the sun and the biosphere, earth.
>> A good theory, but no more than that.  It is indeed the theory to 
>> which conservatism wants to cling.  Global warming is, too, a theory. 
>>  The test of any theory is in its ability to make predictions, and, 
>> of course, to be disproved.
> Stephen I disagree.  There is the 11 year sunspot cycle.  Scientists 
> have also studied the sun and found that its output changes.  There 
> are historical accounts of changes in the climate.  There is evidence 
> to show that changes in climate are caused by the sun.  There is no 
> evidence to back up the environmentalists global warming nonsense.
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