Wetbacks tie up 42th street

Jose jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Mar 24 16:00:33 MST 2006

Not only should they be arrested for tying up traffic, their papers should
be checked to make sure they are here legally. 

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Today a few thousand wetbacks (Phoenix PD estimates 10,000) and their
supporters marched up 42th street in Phoenix from Thomas road to Camelback,
a distance of 3 miles.  Their destination is John Kyl's office to demand
that he support a bill that would set up a guest worker program and amnesty
for the wetbacks already here.  KFYI just reported that they're headed south
to McDowell (4 miles) for another rally. 24th street is a major street in
Phoenix, three lanes on each side plus a left turn lane.  Phoenix PD is
blocking the street for them.

Just once I would like someone to stand up to these people.  Police should
be arresting them for tieing up traffic.  24th street is mostly businesses
so there are a lot of people loosing a lot of money today. 
You're not going to get any customers if customers can't get to your store.
Then there are the people who live along that route. How the hell are they
supposed to get home if the road is blocked?

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