I have to get out of this sick town - don't let your kids read this

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Sat Mar 25 21:43:58 MST 2006

The more I watch the local news, the more strongly I believe that I have 
to get out of this sick town.  A couple of weeks ago a fireman in Mesa 
was busted for doing it with a sheep.  This evening I heard about an 8 
pound poodle that had been sodomized.  The woman who owns the poodle 
said it went missing today and turned up a few hours later with obvious 
severe injuries.  She took the dog to the vet and found out what had 
happened to the dog.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been pushing for an anti bestiality law in 
Arizona since the fireman was caught with the sheep.  Today he repeated 
his demand for such a law and reminded anyone who was watching that we 
used to have such a law, but the geniuses in the state legislature 
repealed it in 2001.  He said he's still going to go after the pervert 
for violations of the animal cruelty law.  He better hurry before that 
legislature repeals that one as well.

Does anyone here know anything about Alaska?

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