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Agree - mostly.  However, it is the fault of our elected government for 
listening to lobbyists - including the way overboard environmentalists - 
that passes regulations so ridiculous that only oil survives.  And I do 
believe that the oil companies play a huge role in that lobbying 
effort.  There is a lot of money in oil, and methinks that huge sums of 
money do indeed help - and keep - our elected boobs.

At 12:15 PM 3/26/2006, you wrote:
>Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>We're dependent on oil because no president has the fortitude to stand up 
>>to the oil giants and actually develop alternatives.
>It's not the government's job to develop energy sources.  It is the 
>government's job to not weigh down the private sector with oppressive 
>taxes and regulation which will allow the private sector to develop 
>alternatives to oil that are affordable.  After all do you really want an 
>alternative to oil that is so expensive you can't afford to drive your car?
>There was a time when researchers working with the government came up with 
>an alternative to oil.  However this was not the main objective of the 
>Manhattan project.  The main objective was national defense which is the 
>government's job.  For over 50 years nuclear power has been 
>available.  The more nuclear power plants are put into service, less coal, 
>oil and natural gas needs to be burned at power plants.
>The Palo Verde nuclear plant was the one of the last nuclear plants to be 
>put into service and that was over 20 years ago.  For decades now, 
>enviroweenies have tied up other nuclear projects in the courts.
>So thank Greenpeace and their ilk for ensuring that lots of oil from Arab 
>nations has to be burned in our power plants resulting in lots of 
>pollution and billions going into the coffers of nations that give aid and 
>comfort to terrorists.
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