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Sun Mar 26 15:15:14 MST 2006

Thomas Matiska wrote:

> Show me an under developed alternative and I'll show you enviro-wackos 
> on the left trying to stop it.   Too easy to blame big oil, but for 
> what?  What have they stopped?

Tom I'll try my hand at this.

 > Alternatives?
 > Such as windmills in the northeast?   like Teddy just helped the
 > enviro-wackos stop..

There are other places where the enviroweenies are trying to stop 
windmills because they claim birds are flying into them and getting 
chopped up.

 > More coal plants? While enviro's use an exaggerated mercury scare to
 > threaten existing production

Don't forget sulphur emissions.

 > More domestic oil?   While enviro's stop responsible development of 1 or
 > 2 percent of Alaska.

I heard someone explain it this way.  Scale down the arctic wildlife 
refuge to the size of a football field.  The area people want to drill 
on would be the size of two postage stamps.

They said the Alaska pipeline would be bad for the caribou.  Turns out 
the caribou hang our next to the pipe because it's warm.  The extra 
warmth puts them in the mood so the caribou population has gone up.

 > More alcohol in gasoline?   While enviros say it threatens the ozone,
 > and Kalifornia regulates it use.

No doubt they would also regulate to death the plants that would produce it.

 > More electric cars?  While Dems in Kalifornia try to tax them for not
 > using gas.

Electric cars that have around 1200 pounds of batteries and can go a 
whole 100 miles or so on a charge if you don't use headlights, 
windshield wipers, the air conditioner and don't drive uphill.  Oh don't 
forget it takes several hours to recharge the batteries.  Yes I'm going 
to rush right out and buy one.

 > More nuke plants?
No doubt you remember TMI.  The safety systems worked.  Nobody was hurt, 
but the enviroweenies exploited it to the point no power company ordered 
a nuke plant after TMI.

They talk about the radioactive waste from the reactor.  When the fuel 
that powers the reactor for two years is spent, it will fit under your 
kitchen table.  The spent fuel can be processed to remove the waste 
products.  When this is done what's left over is useable fuel and can be 
put back into the reactor.  Of the fuel that's loaded into a reactor, 
only 3 to 5% of it is useable fuel.  The remainder is U238 some of which 
is converted to plutonium.  Remove the waste products that inhibit the 
reaction and you've got more fuel.  Thanks to Carter who killed the 
breeder reactors, all that spent fuel sits at the nuclear plants or is 
buried somewhere.  Either way it's wasted.

 > Hydro?
The Sierra club is trying to drain Lake Powell.  The dam  that forms 
Lake Powell is a major source of electricity in Phoenix.  Lake Powell 
also provides cooling water for a coal fired plant.  Drain the lake and 
both plants will be shut down.  Why do the enviroweenies want to do 
this?  They say the lake is bad for the fish.  Fish live in water.  How 
can it be bad for the fish to increase their habitat?


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