I have to get out of this sick town - don't let your kids read this

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Go back and read again what I wrote.

???Your entire post was:

"We're dependent on oil because no president has the fortitude to stand up 
to the oil giants and actually develop alternatives."

Did you misquote yourself?<g>

I see your later post where you seem to blame oil for supporting other's opposition to alternatives, but that is too big of a leap for me.  Don't get the anti-W tone either.  If there is one thing W has a near perfect record on it is energy.  He stopped the Clinton-era  exports of  US oil to China and Korea, pushed for more drilling, more refineries, gave power companies a 20% rule to upgrade old plants and still be grandfathered, etc, etc, etc.......      

I just wish the Republican majority on the hill had some balls.  Seems they are letting the minority Democrats stop W every time he tries to do something right..

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