Wetback Aren't Criminals ???

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sun Mar 26 21:54:10 MST 2006

Hell no; there just as nice as the friendly Muslims who blow themselves
up.  The only difference is that illegals currently don't blow themselves
up, but break the law by crossing our borders without permission. 
They're willing to take the low wage jobs that our welfare state won't
take.  I say we boot these illegals out of our country, build an
electrified fence, set up motion sensor activated fully automatic rifles,
make it a federal crime to invade our country as they have previously
done in the past, punish owners of company's who hire illegals with hard
time in federal prison, and make those currently on welfare to take the
low paid jobs or lose any welfare payments or benefits.

Liberals might say they want to get a hold on illegal immigration, but
politicians who represent states where illegals and/or Hispanics are
prevalent, want to kiss Hispanic ass in order to get vote.  I suspect
that one day Texas, which is now more than 50% Hispanic, will soon be
renamed Mexas, and the Mexican flag will be our State flag.  I don't want
my tax dollars being spent for wetbacks to get free medical care that I
can't even afford.  I don't want my tax dollars to go towards the free
education of wetbacks.  I don't want the President of Mexico sending us
his welfare problem.  I will vote against ANY politician who kisses ass
just to get votes.

Of course, I could be alone in this feeling :-)


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