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Nonsense.  Fuel cells are *a* source, and yes, they are years away.  That 
is not a reason to not work them.  There are many other energy 
sources.  Are they practical?  Not yet.  Should we really work them?  I 
think so.

How much effort do you really believe any corporation o industry will put 
into a product that might rob them of business?

are there to make a profit for their share holders. What happens if
>they are driven out of business. Then who will you blame for high oil prices?

Did I blame anyone for high oil prices?  Nope.

>In spite of media dis-information, oil companies are not making all
>that much money in comparison to other companies. Look at their
>quarterly reports and you will see they are making $.08-$.10 per
>dollar of sales (the have record profits in absolute dollars not in
>ROI because they also have record sales). Most successful companies
>today are making $.12-$.18 on the dollar. Further, a decade ago they
>were losing money. I did not hear a single complaint about that. If
>you average oil company profits over a couple of decades you will
>find their profit performance, from an investor's view point, has been dismal.

Did I write a word about oil company profits?  Nope.

>We are dependent on foreign oil because the enviro-wackos prevent
>adding refining capacity. This is the biggest cause of high prices.
>No refining capacity has been added in decades and the population has
>been growing (that means more drivers and more cars thus higher
>demand). Yet the existing refining capacity has been able to keep up
>(until now) because cars have become more efficient and conservation
>efforts have worked (although the media and left doesn't talk about
>that, only demands conservation as if there isn't any). The second
>problem is lack of supply. It is estimated that there is enough oil
>in ANWAR and the Gulf to last us for a century including estimated
>increase in demand. However, the media and left dis-inform about that
>as well. They talk about "known reserves" (really are proven
>reserves) which does not include all known quantities and suspected 

Did I write a word disputing any of this?  Nope.

>The oil companies are not the bad guys here. It is a combination of
>population growth, increased production (the US uses about 25% of the
>world's resources but what you don't hear is that the US accounts for
>more then 25% of the world's goods and services) and enviro-wackism.

Did I dispute any of this?  Nope.

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