I have to get out of this sick town - don't let your kids read this

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Mar 28 15:34:58 MST 2006

At 05:45 PM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
>Nonsense.  Fuel cells are *a* source, and yes, they are years 
>away.  That is not a reason to not work them.

Who said they were not working on them? It is a reason not to deploy them.

>  There are many other energy sources.  Are they practical?  Not 
> yet.  Should we really work them?  I think so.

Again, what makes you thing they are not. Have you read a annual 
report of any oil company?

>How much effort do you really believe any corporation o industry 
>will put into a product that might rob them of business?

Why would developing a new market rob them of business?

>are there to make a profit for their share holders. What happens if
>>they are driven out of business. Then who will you blame for high oil prices?
>Did I blame anyone for high oil prices?  Nope.

It was implied in your post. When you parrot the left about oil 
companies, even in part, it implies you MIGHT agree with the rest so 
I replied just in case.

>Did I write a word about oil company profits?  Nope.

You are correct. You just complained, in the same manner as the left, 
about oil companies either preventing alternative sources or not 
developing them. Which is incorrect.

>Did I write a word disputing any of this?  Nope.

Did I say that you did? Nope.

>Did I dispute any of this?  Nope.

Did I say that you did? Nope.

I am I not allowed to impart additional information in a post?

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