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Agree on all points.  I believe, though (am not totally sure) that IBM has 
sold its PC division to a Chinese Corp.

At 08:54 PM 3/27/2006, you wrote:
>Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>Nonsense.  Fuel cells are *a* source, and yes, they are years away.
>>That is not a reason to not work them.  There are many other energy 
>>sources.  Are they practical?  Not yet.  Should we really work them?  I 
>>think so.
>I agree that work should continue to make fuel cells more affordable. Such 
>research is being done by big corporations who believe they'll make a 
>helluva lot of money from selling fuel cells.
>>How much effort do you really believe any corporation o industry will put 
>>into a product that might rob them of business?
>If they have any sense they'll adapt their business to make a profit from 
>the new product.  American history is full of companies that went out of 
>business because they did not adapt.  Likewise our history is full of 
>companies that did adapt and are still around today.  One example is the 
>breweries when prohibition came along.  They stopped making beer and 
>started making other stuff.  When the laws again changed, they were ready 
>to get back into the beer business.
>IBM is a company that got started in the late 19th century making 
>typewriters and a machine the US government used to process the forms for 
>the 1890 census.  IBM no longer makes that census card counting 
>machine.  The last I heard, they no longer make typewriters.  Now the do 
>computers.  They adapted.  The argument could have been made at one point 
>that computers would make the census counting machine and typewriters obsolete.
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