four radio tower cut down

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Wed Mar 29 16:11:18 MST 2006

In Black Canyon City 30 miles north of Phoenix four radio towers were 
cut down late yesterday.  The towers affected were used by KMIA 710 khz 
a Spanish language sports talk station.  Susan Quayle a Yavapai county 
sheriff's spokeswoman said the vandals used a torch to cut some of the 
supports causing the towers to come down.  The four towers were part of 
a cluster of 7 towers in Black Canyon City.

The towers went up in the late 90s amid opposition from area residents. 
   Locals fought in the courts to get the towers taken down but lost. 
They also lost in a ballot initiative put before Yavapai county voters 
in 2002.

Tom Duran general manager at KMIA has asked the FBI to investigate. 
KFYI is reporting that the Yavapai County sheriff's office is asking the 
FBI to investigate whether or not it was a hate crime.

It may or may not be a hate crime.  Remember, people in Black Canyon 
City were opposed to the towers before they were even built.  It doesn't 
matter what the vandals motives were.  KMIA is off the air.  The people 
who own the station will loose all the money they would have had earned 
from commercials they would have sold.  I'm guessing they already sold 
the commercials and will now have to refund the money to the people who 
had bought the ads.  Another reason why motives shouldn't matter is that 
the towers were owned by someone.  A business somewhere bought the 
towers and paid a helluva lot of money to have them installed and made 
ready for broadcasting.  Someone's  private property was destroyed.  For 
that alone the vandals should be severely punished.


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