I have to get out of this sick town - don't let your kids read this

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Mar 29 17:35:46 MST 2006

>You've gone off the deep end. I have not called you anything. I only
>pointed out that your arguments parrot the left in some ways and what
>that implies. It seems you are accusing me of those things you are
>doing. To quote you, "you make things up just to suit yourself."
>Accusing me of a temper tantrum is laughable. I am not at all angry
>nor was I. I was just engaging in a discussion. I was discussing your
>words, you are discussing my emotion which is very difficult to
>determine from just text.

I agree with you on this.  I think that limiting the senses in 
communication does, indeed, slant any exchange - usually in the wrong 
way.  A year or so ago, my boss and I exchanged emails and our tempers grew 
and grew as we each misinterpreted and misinterpreted.
I think (damn this age thing) that I have never deliberately written 
anything here to offend anyone. Life is too short.

>Again, I did not accuse you of being any particular ideology. You did
>that on your own. I was discussing what you said. If you meant
>something different the it is incumbent on you to clarify without
>accusing someone of "a temper tantrum."

The temper tantrum referred to a post quite a while ago, but in light of 
being fair, I retract.  One of things that I notice happen when you and I 
exchange is".... I said that you said that I said that you implied that I 
meant that you wanted that ...."

My vehemence - at least this week - all went into a letter I wrote to our 
parish associate this week over the sermon/lecture he delivered Sunday.

Which does beg me to post a question, in all sincerity:

We don't want (and shouldn't tolerate) our government telling us how to 
believe or how to run our church.  How much do we tolerate our church 
telling us how we should feel/think and even respond to current 
issues/events.  I am truly interested in folks' take on this.

Stephen A. Frye
s.frye at verizon.net
steve at fryefamily.net 

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