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Thu Mar 30 23:46:09 MST 2006

Cynthia McKinney has a guestbook page on her site.  There you can send 
her email.  Go to and scroll 
down to see the form.  I know at least on of us on this list is from 
Georgia, but it won't hurt for the rest of us to express our opinions.

With this in mind, I sent her the following:

Ms. McKinney,

Shame on you for hitting the policeman!  His job is to protect your 
backside from people who would want to do you harm.  This policeman puts 
his life on the line every time he goes to work and you disrespect him 
by hitting him.

I freely admit that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least 
I know that it is both wrong and illegal to hit a policeman.  I also 
could be more humble, but I am not so full of myself that I believe it 
acceptable to assault a police officer who in the course of doing his 
job, causes me to be delayed for a few seconds.

Now I have feelings of regret that I don't live in your district. 
Someone of such low character as yourself does not deserve to represent 
the fine people of Georgia.  I would consider it an honor this coming 
November to cast a vote for your opponent.

Jim in Phoenix.

Sgt Schultz "You're a better cook than my wife."
Louis LeBeau "Merci"
Sgt Scultz "You're also better looking."

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