Mom is Home now....

Sharon Hoffmann shoffman at PLAINS.NET
Fri Mar 31 20:21:17 MST 2006

Hello All,
This is actually Rob, Sharon Hoffmann's eldest Son.  Mom has lost her
battle with Cancer....actually she won because she is in a much brighter
place than we are now.  I just wanted to say thank you to so many of you
that have touched my Mom's heart before she passed on.  If you wish to
send any personal messages, please send them my way at robh at
and I will answer any and all messages.  I will also be able to see
messages here on Rushtalk as I am subscribed as well.  I am sure most of
you have seen some of my posts.  I will be unsubscribing Mom's email
from Rushtalk directly after this.  Please do not respond directly back
to her email address as my Dad does not really work with email too well
and I will not be here all the time to monitor it.
Thank you all,
BTW:  My apologies for the attachment but I figured this one time would
be appropriate.
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