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>Richard A. Viguerie
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>FOR RELEASE April 27, 2007
>Richard Viguerie on Alberto Gonzales:
>“Resign or be Impeached—and Republicans Must Take the Lead”
>“If Attorney General Alberto Gonzales continues 
>to refuse to resign, it’s time for Congress to 
>impeach him—and Republicans must take the lead,” 
>says conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie.
>As the man who pioneered political direct mail, 
>Viguerie has been called “the Funding Father” of 
>the conservative movement. He is the author of 
>Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big 
>Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006).
>“No other choice is available,” says Viguerie. 
>“Gonzales has refused to resign so far, despite 
>demands from Republican Senators and 
>Representatives that he do so. And President 
>Bush has erected a wall around the White House, 
>shutting out reality, giving his long-time 
>political crony unconditional support. If his 
>boss won’t fire him, and Gonzales refuses to 
>leave voluntarily, he must be made to leave involuntarily.”
>“And the Republicans in Congress must take that 
>next step,” Viguerie adds. “President Bush 
>already is a lame duck with the lowest public 
>support since Richard Nixon, so in a sense he 
>has nothing more to lose. What should scare 
>Republicans, however, is that once again Bush 
>seems willing to bring the entire Republican 
>Party to destruction with him. The Republicans 
>have already lost the House and the Senate. If 
>they want to have any chance of retaining the 
>White House or making gains in Congress in 2008, 
>they must break decisively with this politically suicidal president.”
>Impeachment of a Cabinet member is authorized by 
>the Constitution. Charges of impeachment must be 
>passed in the House, and then the official is 
>tried by the Senate. A president cannot grant a 
>reprieve or pardon for impeachment. If 
>impeached, the official is removed from office 
>and is disqualified to hold and enjoy any other federal office.
>Grounds for impeachment, under Article 2, 
>Section 4 of the Constitution, are “treason, 
>bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” 
>(“Misdemeanors” is a constitutional term that 
>does not have the current meaning of an offense 
>less serious than a felony, according to the 
>American Bar Association.) What constitutes 
>impeachable “high crimes”? Dean John D. Feerick 
>of Fordham University School of Law, in an article published in 1984, said:
>“Most authorities agree—and the precedents are 
>in accord—that an impeachable offense is not 
>limited to conduct which is indictable. Conduct 
>that undermines the integrity of a public office 
>or is in disregard of constitutional duties or 
>involves abuse of power is generally regarded as 
>grounds for impeachment. Since impeachment is a 
>drastic sanction, the misconduct must be substantial and serious.”
>“Gonzales’s misconduct certainly meets those 
>standards,” says Viguerie. “I stand with my 
>colleagues in the American Freedom Agenda [a new 
>conservative civil liberties organization, see 
>www.americanfreedomagenda.org] when we declared:
>             ? “Mr. Gonzales has presided over 
> an unprecedented crippling of the 
> Constitution’s time-honored checks and balances.
>             ? “He has brought the rule of law 
> into disrepute, and debased honesty as the coin of the realm.
>             ? “He has engendered the suspicion 
> that partisan politics trumps evenhanded law 
> enforcement in the Department of Justice.
>             ? “He has embraced legal theories 
> that could be employed by a successor to 
> obliterate the conservative philosophy of 
> individual liberty and limited government celebrated by the Founding Fathers.
>             ? “In short, Attorney General 
> Gonzales has proven an unsuitable steward of the law
>Viguerie specifically warned Republicans: “Don’t 
>expect much cooperation from Democrats in your 
>call for the impeachment of Gonzales. He serves 
>a useful purpose for them politically, and they 
>don’t want him out of office no matter how much 
>they complain publicly. They want him to remain 
>as Attorney General as a shining example of 
>Republican incompetence and corruption, so they 
>can use him as a campaign issues that keeps on 
>giving to the Democrats. No, it is the 
>Republicans who need to have Gonzales removed, 
>and it is the Republicans who must take the lead in kicking him out.”
>In a final note, Viguerie added: “In his 
>testimony before the Senate last week, he said 
>he ‘could not remember’ deeds or actions more 
>than 70 times, including many recent events. 
>This strains everyone’s credulity except the 
>president’s. If nothing else, he should be 
>removed from office for Memory Deficit Disorder. 
>You cannot run a Justice Department with well 
>over 100,000 employees when your mind supposedly is that blank.”

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