Gun used to subdue knife weilding suspect

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Fri May 4 15:01:05 MDT 2007

These days, school buses have become real danger zones for kids.  It has not alway been this way.  Long ago and far away in Virginia, during my seventh and eighth grades, I was a safety patrol.  At school and on the bus we patrols kept order and put the quietus on almost all bullying, but then we were not confronting the widespread and intense levels of bad behavior that is so prevalent today.  Some of our best bus drivers were juniors and seniors from the high school.  The school administrators selected the patrols well, trained us, and backed us with immediate action not hesitating to use judicious corporal punishment (paddles and switches), suspension, and expulsion. From the second grade onward, almost all of the male students carried jacknives, but a stabber would have been an anomaly, almost unthinkable really.   We do live in perilous times.

Jim <jim at LADMO.AZANORAK.COM> wrote:

A 14 year old boy was stabbed 20 times just after he got on the school 
bus by another 14 year old. The bus driver pulled over at a gas station 
to get help. The station owner used his gun to convince the punk with 
the knife to surrender.

Gotta ban those guns right?

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