Where are the looters

Mon May 7 23:06:25 MDT 2007

Dennis Putnam wrote:
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>> Foxnews has on their website a series of photos of the rubble that 
>> was Greensbug, Kansas.  One of the photos
>> http://www.foxnews.com/photoessay/photoessay_1703_images/0505071041_M_050606_tornado1.jpg
>> is of a convenience store.  Look at it and you'll see stuff on the shelves.
>> Where are the looters?
> They were in uniform. It seems some NG members did the looting.
>>   The people of Greensburg have nothing.  Their homes are 
>> gone.  Their refrigerators and pantries are gone.  Why has nobody 
>> looted this store?
>> This shows the difference in character between the people of 
>> Greensburg and New Orleans, or Los Angeles.  The video from the 
>> Katrina aftermath shows the people of New Orleans would take 
>> anything they could get their hands on.  Remember the guy pushing 
>> through the flooded street a big screen tv on a shopping cart?  He 
>> had no home and nowhere to plug it in.

I saw the news this morning.  Instantly I thought to myself, I spoke too 
soon.  Whoever is responsible should be handed over to the local 
authorities and let them deal with these thugs.


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