Calling A Communist A Progressive Is Like Calling Sharpton A Reverend........???

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 11 20:37:44 MDT 2007

         Bill, you've nailed it! You deserve to take a long, sweeping 
bow! As much as I like and admire Ronald Reagan, he did NOT rid the 
world of communism. In fact, Gorbachev - RR's bosom buddy - never 
denounced or otherwise repudiated his association with the Communist 
Part of Russia (even though Gorby now lives in San Francisco and 
teaches at Pacific University).

John Q.

At 08:55 PM 5/11/2007, William White wrote:

>It like a cinematic cliche':  Just when the good guy thinks he has 
>dusted the villain, monster,or whatever, he turns his back to take 
>care of "normal business, helping the wounded, comforting the 
>distraught, making time with the heroine.  Bad move.  The villain is 
>not dead; he is just down for a mysterious count.  Sometime, between 
>one to five minutes, the villain will resurrect and reek havoc, 
>until someone in the film gets really serious and destroys him 
>Like the aforesaid villain, communism is not dead; it has been hit; 
>it has been wounded; it has slithered into the shadows,  but it 
>soldiers on, morphing, realigning, and whipping its lethal tail 
>around.  Look at George Soros, Sheehan, Fonda, Putin, China, Kim 
>Jong (the list is long and a bit tedious):  They are here; they are 
>active; they are venomous.  They are the left wing.  They have 
>called themselves progressives in the past; today they call 
>themselves by many names:  feminists, environmentalists, 
>liberals.  Some are even jihadists.  Remember Saddam was a Baathist 
>(Socialist).  The socialists and the jihadists have made common 
>cause.  This is truly an unholy alliance.  And the villain is not dead.
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