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> Use their own personal FREE
> Criminal Illegal Alien Invader
> telephone number to tell your
> Congress folks NO Amnesty.
> CALL 1-800-882-2005
> A Southern California friend (with many published "Letters to the Editor" against amnesty) shared a valuable tool for us to use against Criminal Illegal Alien Invader's Amnesty--their very own toll-free phone number.
> By calling Congress, using their line, we can insure they'll get a busy signal when they call to demand "rights" for illegal alien criminal lawbreakers.
> Let them pay for the call with the money they make "doing jobs Americans won't do."
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> From: H. P.
> From: "EDGAR MARTINEZ" <> Date: May 10, 2007 7:18:36 PM PDT
> To: undisclosed-recipients; Subject: GOONS set up toll free number to lobby Congress
> Pro-invader activist Enrique Morones gave this number away, instructing people to call. 1-800-882-2005. The instructions are given in Spanish with an English phrase to say to our legislators.
> Let's use the Criminal Illegal Alien Invader's own TOLL-FREE number to lobby Congress for Secure Borders and NO AMNESTY FOR OUR CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS.
> Every call you make is one less call demanding rights for "Illegal Alien Criminals."
> Just as a hint, if you don't speak spanish, listen for the number associated with the Congress Person's name you wish to speak to and press it. If that person's mailbox is full wait for the second number usually #2, to speak directly with the Congress Person, or a member of his/her staff with your message...! Smile.
> Finally, a chance for all you folks to use the Illegal Aliens toll-free number to send an American citizen's message saying, secure the border and NO amnesty to criminal Illegal Alien Invader's. Something, I don't think they want to hear... Smile.

Use their toll free number huh?  Can anyone say war dialing?

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