Will America Survive This Century?

Tue May 15 22:11:43 MDT 2007

Dennis Putnam wrote:
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>> FCC: Reorganized so that their only responsibilities will be to 
>> ensure that broadcasts don't cause interference with other 
>> broadcasts across state or national borders.  For example: FM 
>> stations in Hawaii will not be regulated by the FCC.  Dirty words on 
>> the radio:  Each state has laws making it illegal to furnish obscene 
>> materials to minors.  Let them handle it.
> What about broadcasts across state lines from a permissive one into a 
> conservative one?
>> Any departments I didn't mention:  Shut them down and forbid any of 
>> their number from holding any position with the federal government ever again.
> I disagree. We need to keep the DoD

I mentioned keeping the Dod, but giving it it's original name: The War 

> and NASA. 

Did Thomas Edison need federal help inventing the light bulb?  Did 
Alexander Graham Bell need federal help inventing the telephone?  Did 
Philo T. Farnsworth need federal help inventing the idiot box?  Did the 
Wright brothers need federal help inventing the airplane? No, no, no and no.

Perhaps one can make an argument for keeping NASA under the theory that 
something they come up with can be used for national defense.  Yet I 
have to wonder:  How much sooner would a man have made it to the moon if 
private enterprise in this nation hadn't been burdened with an 
oppressive tax system for most of the 20th century?  Without an 
oppressive federal government, how much would private enterprise be 
involved in space?  Think NASA has done a good job?  Ask the people of 
East Texas and Louisiana who saw bits of that space shuttle rain down 
all around them.  For years they didn't put foam on the fuel tanks.  The 
one day some genius said: Let's coat the tanks with some kind of foam 
that breaks easily and is hard enough that bits of it that come loose 
will break the tiles so the crew will die a fiery death upon reentry. 
Then they scrub missions at every opportunity.  A pigeon dumped on one 
of the external fuel tanks or one of the cargo bay doors.  The wind is 
blowing at a whole 3 miles an hour.  It's too hot.  It's too cold.

If the Wright brothers had to deal with the NASA bureaucracy, we'd still 
be taking the train from Phoenix to Atlanta.

> Also we need to keep 
> DoE to make sure envirowackos don't stop the building of refineries 
> and nuclear generating stations in any state.

Keep NASA.


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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