How times have changed

Sat May 19 20:18:59 MDT 2007

Tell me race relations are as bad as they were in the 50s or 60s.

I'm watching COPS.  Four white cops arrested a black guy who had some
drugs on him and resisted arrest.  They fought with him using a taser
and pepper spray and he still didn't give up.  They had to wrestle him
to the ground and force his hands behind his back so they could cuff
him.  They also had to hold his legs down to stop him from kicking them.
  At the end of it a sergeant showed up.  The sergeant was a black guy.

In 1960 the cops instead of fighting with him would have just taken out
a billy club and knocked him unconscious or a revolver, shot him and
been done with it.

They certainly wouldn't have had to explain to a black guy what happened.


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