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Sun May 20 20:58:57 MDT 2007


>Calls needed Monday, May 21 against motion to proceed to 
>anti-English amnesty bill
>The Senate's amnesty bill is worse than you 
>Amnesty immediately. English maybe. Lots of PC
>  Please forgive me for writing to you on a Saturday night.
>I have just finished reading the draft text of the immigration bill 
>that will be renumbered S.1348 on May 21st (about 36 hours from now.)
>Let me share with you some of the things I've discovered hiding in 
>this bad bill:
>(1) The English requirements are few and easily evaded:
>Section 702 Declaration of English
>(a) English is the common language of the United States.
>(b) Preserving and Enhancing the Role of the English Language. The 
>Government of the United States shall preserve and enhance the role 
>of English as the language of the United States of America. Nothing 
>herein shall diminish or expand any existing rights under the laws 
>of the United States relative to services or materials provided by 
>the Government of the United States in any language other than English.
>(c) Definition: For the purposes of this section, law is defined as 
>including provisions of the United States Constitution, the United 
>States Code, controlling judicial decisions, regulations, and 
>Presidential Executive Orders.
>Section 702 pretends to protect English but actually mandates 
>multilingualism. A more concise version would read, "English is OK 
>unless the government decides otherwise."
>(2) We are to pay at least $5 million to every state, as well as 
>"the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the 
>Virgin Islands,Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the 
>Northern 20 Mariana Islands" to "provide health services, 
>educational services, and related services to non-citizens."
>(3) We will conduct "an evaluation of language and cultural 
>diversity training programs" which are part of "the basic training 
>curriculum provided to new Border Patrol agents."
>(4) We are to combat human smuggling but "Nothing in this section 
>may be construed to provide additional authority to any State or 
>local entity to enforce Federal immigration laws."
>All we need are 41 votes on Monday afternoon "against the motion to 
>proceed" to kill this legislative turkey.
>Please contact your two Senators right away.
>Thank you.
>Jim Boulet, Jr.
>Executive Director
>English First
>8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
>Springfield, VA 22151
>(703) 321-8818 (voice)

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