14 years

Mon May 28 22:20:04 MDT 2007

Today I emailed a guy I know who came here from England.  I asked him

"How long was the process for you to come here legally?  How long was it 
between the time you went to the US embassy to the time you got the 
magic piece of paper that says you get to live here?"

Here is his reply.

Fourteen years. Papers were filed in 1987, we finally emigrated with all 
the paperwork in 2001. (We had to do the last part, which included the
interviews and the medicals, in December 2000. In the between time, I 
had kept up correspondence with the INS, as they moved our files from 
place to place, never thinking it would come to fruition!)
I have talked to other Britons who have had to wait longer. One lady had 
to wait 18 years...!


This guy and his wife came from England.  Other than a possible 
misunderstanding of what a fag is or that spotted dick is a food not an 
venereal disease, he speaks the language.  He didn't need government 
forms printed in a foreign language.  He doesn't require an interpreter 
to communicate with any of the doctors or nurses if he goes to the 
hospital.  He has job skills.  He works for a bank.  It's his job to 
make sure that all the features on the bank's website work.  With that 
kind of job, it's a safe bet that he pays way more in taxes than what 
his family consumes in government services.

Yet he had to wait 14 years to come here legally.


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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