How do YOU feel about the return of partial-birth abortion?

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Dear Conservative Friends,

It would be understandable if you felt cheated, frustrated, or even angry.

After all our efforts to see the horror of partial-birth abortion 
officially banned in this country ...

After Congress voted to ban it, the President signed the bill into 
law, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld that law ...

Even after all this, within minutes of that Court ruling, 
pro-abortion members of Congress introduced a bill which would 
totally thwart the will of the people - reversing the decision of 
Congress and the President and undoing the ruling of the Supreme Court.

your immediate online gift of support and stand with the ACLJ right 
now to turn back this challenge to the federal ban on partial-birth abortion!

These members of Congress have put some ''spin'' on their bill:  they 
call it the ''Freedom of Choice'' Act - but it's not really about 
freedom of choice.

It's actually a slap in the face to the American people ... it's a 
tip of the hat to the abortion doctors and their lobbyists ... and 
it's a very real threat against the lives of unborn babies.

Support for this bill flooded in from the entire abortion lobby -- 
the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, N.O.W., NARAL:  Pro-Choice America, and 
others.  Which means millions of dollars will almost certainly flow 
into the campaign for this legislation.

ACLJ truly needs the generous support of members like you today to 
mount an aggressive counter-offense, or all our vital efforts in 
support of the unborn will have been in vain.

Senators Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and others 
have introduced this bill (H.R. 1964 and S. 1173) in one of the most 
brazen political moves we've seen in years - but it is also extremely 
dangerous, because if passed, it would enshrine abortion into law.

In order to stop this tidal wave, we absolutely must take VERY 
aggressive action through our Washington, D.C., office.

I have set in motion several lawyers and a senior research team.  We 
are dealing with members of both the House and the Senate.  We can't 
simply work to prevent passage; we must also prepare to litigate in 
case the bill does become law.

I assure you, we will fight every step of the way.  But we need your help.

Right now, the ACLJ is carrying an enormous workload on top of this 
issue, and as a result, 
urgently need a generous online tax-deductible contribution from you today.

We are returning to the Supreme Court of the United States with not 
one but two simultaneous cases in which public displays of the Ten 
Commandments are under fire.  The work required for these twin cases 
is of MONUMENTAL proportion.

It's a massive number of work-hours - and you can see why we really 
need your support now in this current fight for life.

Here's the bottom line:  your personal part in this effort is vitally 
important.  Please let us hear from you right away.

Thank you.


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