Can Crime In America Be Halted?!?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sun Nov 4 21:45:32 MST 2007


Is it possible to end crime in America?  Yes.  Not only is it easy to 
do, but every American who is robbed can receive reparations from the 
thief who robbed them.  When society places the cost of crime on the 
robbers and not the victims, crime will wane.

  If the American people had rid of the nation of its bleeding heart 
liberal secular progressives before they adopted them as the national 
conscience, there would be a lot less crime in this country today?and 
the cost to incarcerate those guilty of breaking the law wwould 
probably be much less of a financial burden on the taxpayers. Secular 
progressives have always championed the perpetrators of criminal 
activity over their victims. It's almost as if they eschew good and 
worship evil. Criminals are cancers that feast on the flesh of the 
nation. Crime needs to be eradicated. Like the excising of any 
disease from the body, it's an effort that cannot be achieved without 
pain. That pain should be borne solely by the malefactors.


Jon Christian Ryter
Author of:
Whatever Happened To America?
The Baffled Christian's Handbook
Prince Albert: Prophet of Utopia
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