Is U.S. of America Worth It Any More?

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Is U.S. of America
Worth It Any More?
By Neal Ross

         I am nearly a half century old now. While I am not as old as 
some, I am older than others. Right in the middle so to speak. I 
truly love this country, or at least I used to. I love the land, the 
open prairies, the mountains and rivers, the lakes, the shorelines, 
and even the deserts. America is a beautiful land, full of God-given 
riches that enabled us to rise to become one of the greatest nations 
in the world. However, along the rise to greatness we lost something, 
and that something is what makes me wonder, is America capable, or 
worthy of being saved.

         America was, and always has been a land of beginnings and 
hope for so many. People came here to start anew, seek riches and 
opportunity. However, they came here to become Americans as well. 
They joined into the experiment that peoples from all over the world 
could come together and work to build something better than the sum 
of the individual parts. For awhile that experiment succeeded.

         As a child grows it learns, and we as a nation learned as 
well. We made some mistakes along the way to the greatness that we 
achieved, but we learned from them and it made us better. Then 
something went wrong and we strayed off the course that led us to 
greatness, far off course if you ask me.

         All the people that came to this country new that for them 
to succeed they would have to rely upon their skills and abilities to 
make a future for themselves. We were a self reliant people, who were 
willing to go our and work to earn a living for our families.

         We became the envy of the world with our educational system. 
Our children grew up to become great inventors and innovators, which 
led to the growth of our manufacturing and scientific industries.

         We were, for the most part, a God fearing people. We knew 
our neighbors, we treated people with respect and dignity. We could 
take walks through our neighborhoods at night without fear.

         We also trusted our government, although they were already 
beginning to lay the foundations of our demise.

         Things were basically good, and Americans were happy, they 
were employed, and they lived relatively comfortable lives.

         In my short time on this planet I have seen those days 
vanish, to be left to the history books. The good old days are gone, 
and most likely they are gone forever. Our rise to prominence was 
short and sweet.

         Our country is on life support and people don't realize it 
as they are numbed and pacified by lies fed to them by the news media 
and an endless stream of garbage, disguised as entertainment, for a 
brain dead society. Just like the Romans were pacified by the games 
held in the Coliseum, we are pacified by American Idol and 
professional sporting events. The whole time our country is slipping 
away from us, inch by inch.

         There are those who are trying to warn the people concerning 
the truth. We are labeled as extremists, nuts, conspiracy theorists, 
and we are ignored or laughed at. There is a sense among some that 
something is wrong. The sudden support for Ron Paul's campaign for 
president is evidence enough of that.

         However I fear that too many expect Ron Paul to work 
miracles while they continue to stay home and watch television. 
Folks, that just won't work. If America, and this is a huge IF, we 
are to return to greatness, we are going to have to do it ourselves. 
Pull ourselves up by the bootstraps so to speak.

         We are going to have to find ourselves again. We are going 
to have to do some serious soul searching and think about what made 
this country great, and then return to those principles.

         First and foremost we are going to have to give up political 
correctness. If we see evil or something that is wrong, we cannot be 
afraid to speak out and condemn it. The majority of television shows 
we watch are trash. The music our kids listen to is trash. Even our 
news is trash, witness the infatuation with the lives of our celebrities.

         We have become a nation in which everything is acceptable, 
from six year olds using profanity, to abortion, homosexuality, to 
the right of millions illegal aliens to come to our country and 
demand privileges they are not entitled to.

         Our children are taught that the government will take care 
of them, and that they do not have to 'work' for a living. I 
experience that all the time where I work. I see so many 18-20 yr old 
kids come in and quit after a day or two because the job requires 
physical work. This sense of entitlement is not something that 
America is likely to get over without some serious withdrawal symptoms.

         This is due in part to the parents, but much of it can be 
blamed upon the massive propaganda machine that is our media and our 
school system. If our educational system were working properly our 
children would be aware of the Constitution and the powers it grants 
our government. They would realize that our government has gone crazy 
and is spending money it is not authorized to spend upon programs it 
is not authorized to implement.

         If our children were educated they would realize that our 
economy is based upon a lie, upon money that has no value whatsoever 
and that this economy is about to collapse.

         Our jobs our being shipped overseas to plants in China, 
Mexico, Taiwan and India, while thousands of cheap labor is flooding 
into our country taking the jobs that are left. The American 
manufacturing base, which was the driving force behind our rise to 
greatness is nearly gone. If you don't believe me, just go to any 
store and read the label and find our where it was made. We complain 
about not being able to find a good job but just go to any Wal Mart 
on payday and watch millions of people support these companies who 
have sold the American workers down the drain for profit.

         Our children are the future of this country, if it has a 
future at all. Yet our children are growing up playing video games, 
watching Bart Simpson, listening to rap music, or death metal bands, 
which border on satanic worship.

         God has left our vocabulary, yet we are not ashamed to post 
signs and bumper stickers saying, 'God Bless America'. Why should He, 
we sure don't respect Him or live by the words He has given us to live by.

         America is in serious condition and if something isn't done, 
and done quickly it will all be over for us. I hear talk of 
revolution and political reform all the time, and I shrug it off. If 
we were to have a revolution I fear that we would not only be 
fighting against a tyrannical government, but also anarchist who 
would get into the fray solely for the excitement and chance to 
simply raise hell.

         Talk of political reform is even more idiotic. Every two 
years we have the opportunity at true political reform when we have 
an election. Yet the same scum who allowed our country to deteriorate 
are re-elected. Some political reform!

         No people, I honestly feel that this country has seen it's 
better days. It will take a miracle for enough of us to wake up to 
stop our demise. Yet when I see someone who will fight you over an 
insult to their favorite football team, but not fight to stop the 
tide of illegal aliens into our country, I don't hold out too much hope.

         It doesn't sadden me for myself. I have seen enough of life 
and have done enough things to be content. I am concerned for the 
future for my son and that is the only thing that keeps me plugging 
away. Otherwise I would say screw it, America just doesn't deserve to 
be saved any more. Since I do care, and there is still a glimmer of 
respect left for what our country once stood for, I will continue to 
fight for it, until either God or the government takes my last breath from me.

Neal Ross

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