An Open Letter To The People Of The United States Of America

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By David Buess

         Enough is enough. This nation is being taken over by 
criminal factors AKA - The President, Congress, Senate Foreign 
Relations Committee, Secretary of State and Secretary of the Interior.

         Why write and waste your time anymore? The time has come to 
act and I mean now. In filing criminal charges not one of our 
employees has decided to do the job they took the oat to do. The time 
has come to organize and retake what is ours, I am tired of writing 
and getting no where.

         All in favor contact me. "Let us resolve this nation shall 
not die in vane but a government of, for and by the people shall long 
endure." - Abraham Lincoln

The Steps:

Writing of a Declaration:

Whereas: We the People, in accord to our Constitution and AKA known 
as the Government, do hereby declare the following changes in the 
structure of our Federal Government and do hereby abolish the 
following offices: The Office of the President of the United States, 
Vice President of the United States,The Congress of the United 
States, The Department of Justice, The Supreme Court of the United 
States and all Federal Courts, The Secretary of State, The Secretary 
of Interior, The Secretary of Homeland Security, all solicitor 
generals of these departments and the Secretary of Education.


Effective at once, all employees of the above mentioned departments 
shall report to the Joint Chief's of Staff and report correct Name, 
Address and other contact information pending charges which may be 
brought against you and surrender all passports, cell phones, credit 
cards, automobiles, keys and any and all property belonging to the 
United States Government. The Air Force shall secure Air Force 1 and 
2 and take possession and secure of all properties of these former 
government offices. The General Accounting Office shall take full 
inventory of these assets and properly log for future reference. No 
documents, files and computers shall be removed from any government 
office effective at once.

The following branches of Government shall report directly to the 
Joint Chief's of Staff: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. 
Marshal Service, CIA, FED, Department of the Treasury, Ambassadors 
and other related departments. The Fed shall not sit in on any 
meetings since they are not a Government Agency. Any decisions 
relating to the Fed shall be addressed by the Joint Chief's and the 
Department of Treasury. A freeze on all spending will immediately in 
effect and all foreign aid will cease to allow time to examine the 
financial structure of this Nation.
1) Appoint the Joint Chief's of Staff, along with JAG Corp, to run 
the federal government and courts until the People can restructure. 
The remaining department heads shall meet daily with the joint 
chief's and JAG at the White House. Nothing Changes as to the running 
of the remaining current Federal departments and Government agencies, 
so employees do not have to worry about their jobs, and all budget 
matters will be decided by needs and money available.

2) Form Grand Juries, One from each State of the Union, whose job it 
shall be to investigate all legislative acts of Congress, Treaties, 
and agreements for violations of Oath of Office and our Constitution. 
JAG will then assign what State's Grand Jury shall review these 
documents and where a violation of Oath of Office and or Constitution 
is found these documents shall be brought to the attention of JAG and 
these Grand Jury shall then make recommendations and levy the 
criminal charges as necessary.

3) The military police shall make all arrests as decided by the Grand Jury.

4) JAG shall be responsible to assign a 3 man tribunal to hear and 
oversee all court proceedings.

5) The immediate charges of Sedition, Treason and violation of Oath 
of Office shall be entered against the President, Vice-President the 
Congress and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in relationship 
with and involvement to the above and the North American Union and or 
the North American Community and Section 3 of the United States Constitution.

This is in no way a military take over of the Government but rather 
an assist from the Military to aid in the reconstruction process.

Please review the above information and get back to me. The time has 
come to [stop the talk and start the walk to] save this UNION.

Dave Buess

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