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At 07:35 PM 11/5/2007, Jim wrote:

>Just when liberals thought it was safe to check their email. I'm 
>Before I forget, if you subscribe to Rushtalk using a Gmail account, 
>Google thinks the replies from Hermes are spam. So you'll need to 
>check the spam folder, tick the boxes next to each reply from Hermes 
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>Some interesting things happened while I was away. I found out I 
>have diabetes so I guess I'll have to give up my Benny Hill physique 
>and most of the junk food I've been eating.

         Into each life, some rain must fall, Jim...........

>The doctors told me I couldn't eat all the sweet stuff I'm used to, 
>but I can't eat the whole thing any longer.

         Diabetes is controllable, so stay on top of 
things.............and keep yourself well..........

>On to more important things. It seems the teacher from Nebraska will 
>have to wait until she gets out of the pokey to seduce another 13 
>year old wetback. Thanks to W she'll have plenty to choose from.

         And from her own neighborhood, it seems..................

>So it seems that Herr Hillary can't take it when the boys don't 
>blindly accept all the bullship that comes out of her mouth. It 
>seems that her Wellsley education did prepare her for American 
>politics. She learned to stomp her feet and cry when she doesn't get 
>what she wants.

         Members of her own party are even calling her on it, too.............

>If she were interested in saving money she could have not gone to 
>Wellsley. As everybody knows, every DemocRAT is born knowing how to 
>stomp their feet and cry when they don't get what they want. Then 
>again, Hillary never paid for anything with her own money in her 
>life so why would she care about saving someone else's money?

         Especially since her father was a mean, ol' Republican!

>She's more than happy to waste your money and mine. If she has her 
>way, that teacher's next boyfriend will be able to walk to an 
>Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office with a fake birth certificate 
>and get a license.  Then he can drive himself to Mount Prospect, 
>Illinois, buy a police car at the auction and drive it to the pokey 
>in time for the teacher to be released.

         Video on YouTube is sure to follow..............

>I see King Tut had his picture taken the other day. I guess Calypso 
>Louie was right about something after all. He sure looks like a 
>black guy to me. Maybe we'll get lucky and the mothership will beam 
>up Calypso Louie and some of his cronies and take them somewhere. 
>Anywhere will be fine as long as they don't bring him back.


>I see California is on fire again.

         Weenie roast gone out of control, again..................

>Are Carl's or Stephen's chestnuts roasting on an open fire yet? 
>Let's hope not.

         ABSOLUTELY not!

>Now the thousands of people made homeless by the fires can eat 
>roasted kangaroo rat for dinner. This begs the question. Do you have 
>red or white wine with your roasted kangaroo rat? Is it ok to eat it 
>with your finger or should you use a fork?

         Jim, I think fingers should be eaten separately...............

>I see OJ wanted to videotape his hotel robbery. Too bad he didn't go 
>to Hawaii to do it. The last time I saw tape of a guy robbing a 
>hotel, it was in Hawaii and McGarett shot him.

         Or in Miami, where Crockett & Tubbs can do the honors...............

>Fox News says Christina Aguilera is up the spout. Some floozy in 
>Hollywood gets up the spout. This is news?
>They're also saying some German model doesn't want to be paid in 
>dollars because she doesn't agree with our lifestyle. Fine. She can 
>go to Mexico and be paid in Pesos.

         She probably fears collapse of the American monetary system, 
too. Supposedly, we're less than a year away from the 

>Then Drudge says a woman in Minnesota shot a white deer on the first 
>day of hunting season. The picture shows a dead white deer on the 
>sidewalk. Who goes hunting and takes down a deer on the sidewalk? If 
>a black woman shot the deer, would that make it a hate crime?

         Nah............only white people can be oppressive and 
racist, Jim........didn't you get the memo?      ;-)

John Q.
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