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Yesterday, the conference committee on the Department of Defense 
Appropriations bill (H.R. 3222) stripped two critical provisions 
aimed at securing the border. The first provision stripped was an 
amendment offered by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and agreed to by 
unanimous consent that would have kept 6,000 National Guard troops on 
the border through September 30, 2008 (S.A. 3192). Members of the 
conference committee replaced this provision with language funding 
only 3,000 troops through July of 2008-consistent with the Bush 
Administration's plan to draw down the National Guard troops from the 
border. The second provision stripped would have authorized an 
additional $3 billion to be spent for increasing border patrol 
agents, building the fence border and funding the 287(g) program. 
This funding language was originally offered to the DOD 
Appropriations bill by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and co-sponsored 
by 13 other Senators. The amendment (S.A. 3117) was adopted on a vote 
of 95 to 1.

These provisions were essentially the only serious and meaningful 
immigration reforms Congress passed this year. Yanking them out of 
the DOD Appropriations Bill is further proof that Congress is not 
serious about true immigration reform.

Please call your Congressman and Senators TODAY and demand that they 
restore this funding! Tell them that you want the Operation Jump 
Start provision and the $3 Billion Border Security provision put back 
into H.R. 3222, the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill!

Remind them that you opposed the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty bill because 
you wanted true immigration reform-not a reward for illegal activity. 
Tell your Members of Congress you are watching this issue and keeping 
track of how they vote!

To find the phone number of your Representative and Senators, 
<>click here.
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