Dennis Putnam's ISP problem

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sun Nov 11 11:57:15 MST 2007

Good time for an rant.... 

Just back from an 11 day trip to Norman Oklahoma (computer/network training... no irony here...) to discover at three in the morn that did another secret no-notice access number change in my  570 area code.  In recent years, the merger of att with comcast, cingular, baby bells, etc... has caused my access number to change 4 times. Once .... only once..... did   someone at give advance notice of the change.  

Thank gawd for experience... last night's trouble shooting episode advanced rapidly to the point where I manually dialed the number on the old fashioned phone and heard the "number no longer in service" recording followed by "no other information available".... who else but a communications giant could change their number without linking it to the new number???   (  irony #2 is my training was on the new system that redirects mail from your old to new address).     

Trick much does AT&T's "toll free" 800 number cost????  If you connect online to  888 543-3279  or  800 296-3892   your account is charged  10 cents per minute. 

If you dial  1-800-400-1447 to talk to a friendly human you get a recording that directs you to get connection info from their online help site.  (duh... the reason I'm calling on the phone is?????)   The help site is very well designed... lots of good info on connection problems.... (for people who can connect).

During one of the lighter moment in class after discussing some of the more anal software glitches with the new system we agreed that every IT department needs to hire a computer illiterate/idiot to keep the geeks honest...    
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