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Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Mon Nov 12 21:51:13 MST 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-05 at 18:48 -0600, Jim wrote:
> Just when liberals thought it was safe to check their email.  I'm 
> baaaaaaaaaaaack.
> Before I forget, if you subscribe to Rushtalk using a Gmail account, 
> Google thinks the replies from Hermes are spam.  So you'll need to check 
> the spam folder, tick the boxes next to each reply from Hermes and click 
> the not spam button.
> Some interesting things happened while I was away.  I found out I have 
> diabetes so I guess I'll have to give up my Benny Hill physique and most 
> of the junk food I've been eating.  The doctors told me I couldn't eat 
> all the sweet stuff I'm used to, but I can't eat the whole thing any longer.

Investigate medical marijuana I know other people who use it if their
blood suger is too high its safer than a super dose of Insulin.  See
Mike Kemp of Alabama for that one.

> I see California is on fire again.  Are Carl's or Stephen's chestnuts 
> roasting on an open fire yet?  Let's hope not.  Now the thousands of 
> people made homeless by the fires can eat roasted kangaroo rat for 
> dinner.  This begs the question.  Do you have red or white wine with 
> your roasted kangaroo rat?  Is it ok to eat it with your finger or 
> should you use a fork?

I am a city boy who cant afford to move to the country.  If this city
did burn it would be the outlying areas including a major shopping mall
or three each of which could use remodeling.

As to the rats I think I would serve them to my cats all of whom seem to
expect feeding on my desk or kitchen table.  One is on a special diet so
I picked up the other food and put it on the table.  Well the others
soon found it and so did he.   Tried to go back to floor feedings for
the boys and they would have none of it so they eat on my desk.  The
girls are not so picky.

> I see OJ wanted to videotape his hotel robbery.  Too bad he didn't go to 
> Hawaii to do it.  The last time I saw tape of a guy robbing a hotel, it 
> was in Hawaii and McGarett shot him.

If OJ had been shot in self defense the government would pull in Johnny 
Sutton to persecute the innocent and appease Mr Shakedown.

> They're also saying some German model doesn't want to be paid in dollars 
> because she doesn't agree with our lifestyle.  Fine.  She can go to 
> Mexico and be paid in Pesos.

Euros are said to have partial gold backing so likely in the coming
shake out were screwed and she will be fine.  Probabily needs a good
Marine to curl her toes and teach her about men.

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