Democrats 0-40!

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 14 08:03:30 MST 2007

If your description and prediction are accurate,  Richard, there is hope.  So many things that I thought were absurd or remote possibilities have come to pass that I get very nervous around election time.  
  Hillary as NYS Senator now running for President?  Even Rush thought she would not run in NYS or if she did would not be elected.  
  All the anti-gun legislation that makes mockery of the 2nd Ammendment?  When I grew up high school student often had gun in their cars so they could hunt after school.
  Incompetents like Reed and Pelosi running the Congress?  Where have all the statesmen gone - the ones who love their country?  These clowns are scarcely worth powder and shot.
  US sovereignty up for barter to illegal aliens for votes?  A once great nation cannot even police its own borders and provide proper security and protection to citizens.
  The Democrat Party?  Just demogogues apportioning time on the teat.
  The Republicans?  Too many RINO wimps.

Richard W <8179251075 at MMS.ATT.NET> wrote:
  The DemocRATS are 0-40 because they do NOT represent their base. They represent the far left wing of the Democrat party. They represent the sheeple and lemmings who will believe a lie if they hear it long enough. They've been whining ever since Bush legally won the Presidency in 2000. Democrats say they support the troops, but in the same breath certain Dem leaders say we've lost the war, that we're bombing villages and a Retired Marine in the House, calling soldiers who are fighting the war, cold blooded killers. The Democrats are the war protestors of the 70's that I saw when I returned from Vietnam and flew from SFO to DAL.

Richard W
Arlington, TX

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